Editor Layout


This time I won't bore you with explainations of the setup process, since I believe the demo of my editor does a good job of speaking for itself. During this part of my specialization, I sadly had to cut one of the bigger features, namely the curve editor.

The Result

This video displays how the interface of the editor functions.

Where It All Started

Since I started the specialization course having already built a sort of bare bones particle editor, the editor layout was already there, although I would say it has gone through a nice overhaul.

Encountering Problems

The biggest issue during the phase of changing the layout of the editor was time. I had unfortunately spent too much time working on the other two phases, giving me no choice but to cut one of the biggest features, adding curve editors. Curve editors would have been used to add flexibility when tweaking certain values, such as color, size, speed and perhaps drag and the gravity multiplier.

Mesh Particles

Compute Shading/Optimization